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Are your oils Therapeutic Grade?

- While there is no real meaning for the term "therapeutic grade", I use it to mean that my oils are pure essential oils to be used for healing purposes as opposed to a perfume grade essential oil.  To give you an idea of the difference, perfume grade oils are distilled for scent only.  This means a lavender oil may be distilled for 15 minutes, enough to get a scent profile that is acceptable for perfumery.  For therapeutic or healing purposes it may be distilled an hour and a half.  This ensures all the constitutents are present in the oil and the healing potency of the oil is achieved. The FDA does not certify or regulate essential oils.      
Are your oils Organic?
In the essential oil world Certified Organic does not mean better quality! Period. Many confuse "organic" to mean grown without pesticides. That is NOT TRUE.  Wildcrafted is grown and picked in nature, no pesticides. "Certified Organic" means a farm is given approval to use that seal after 3 years of inspection and they are allowed to use pesticides on the "USDA approved list".  Translation: only food grade plants grown on certified farms can bear the "certification organic" seal.  Wildcrafted oils can never be certified organic.
I offer Organic where the scent and quality of the oil meet the high standard I have set. If I don't like the scent profile of an oil, I will not sell it. I will sometimes offer Organically grown non-certified oils.  I may find a better QUALITY essential oil grown organically but without the costly certification because the small farmer cannot afford it.  Or it may come from a farm in a country where the certification is not offered.  Or I may find a Wildcrafted oil which is far superior to a Certified Organic oil that has been distilled incorrectly.  I will choose the best essential oils I can get, be it Organically grown, Certified or Wildcrafted.  There are many small farms offering superior quality non-certified organically grown/wildcrafted essential oils and many large farms offering inferior Certified Organic essential oil. Certification & Organic do not equal "Better Quality".
Can I take them internally?
Can you?  Sure you CAN, but the better question is SHOULD YOU?  Aromatherapy is called "AROMA"therapy for a reason.  Because it works in conjunction with your olfactory senses through the limbic system of the brain to influence behavior, mood, emotional, and physical responses.  When you take essential oils internally, you bypass this important mechanism for aromatherapy.  
When inhaled or absorbed through the skin, there is a slower response rate than when ingested.  Ingesting essential oils, as they do not mix with water, means everything passes quickly undiluted and at a rapid rate all at once through the digestive system to the liver and kidneys.  There are people who years after ingesting essential oils on a regular basis are plagued with esophagus and stomach ailments.  If you have any liver or kidney function issues, the essential oils can cause toxicity or liver & kidney damage and even failure. So can you take them internally?  Yes, you can, but do so at your own risk.  Just understand that you can gain as much if not more benefits by using them externally instead.