Is CBD your new Alexa?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Is #CBD your new Alexa .... Talk to anyone these days (on the phone since we're all in quarantine) and people will tell you CBD cures everything. The truth is, CBD does some things very well. But it is not a miracle "cure all" for everything under the sun. It's not curing #Coronavirus, but CBD may help your #immune system so maybe those of us using it will get some immune boost from it. That may be hard to tell though since there isn't a test to prove it can boost #immunity.

What is easier to tell is if you are experiencing #pain somewhere. Take our Bye Bye Pain blend made with 250mg of CBD in a 15ml Rollon bottle with a proprietary blend of eucalyptus, ginger, turmeric, marjoram and peppermint and roll it right on the spot where you have pain. Within a few minutes that pain may be gone or diminished. Then you know it works.

There are claims that it can help diabetes, I personally feel that is really a stretch. But there are claims that it can help you sleep. I do believe CBD can help you #relax and reset your sleep switches but the key is figuring out how much to take before bed. Commonly people who say it hasn't worked for them don't give it enough time and don't take enough to be effective.

There in lies the key...the rule of thumb is to take the minimum effective dose. The problem is that will differ from person to person and from physiological indication to physical indication. In other words, if Helen wants to #relax and Jane wants to #relax, Helen may require 100mgs 2x per day and Jane may require 30mgs 1x per day. Same thing if you are using it because you are experiencing daily joint pain vs. #anxiety. So the key to a good experience with CBD is to figure out the minimum effective dose for you to feel the #benefitsofCBD. And realize CBD will not cure everything so be realistic about what you are using it for.

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