Do You Need Immune Defense with CBD?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Many of you are familiar with our Immune Boost or our Super Boost (Thieves -like) blends. If you're not, the low down on Immune Boost is it can be used by everyone (children over 2 please), and may help aid your #immunity. It can be used everyday, on an ongoing basis.

Super Boost is meant to be used for up to 2 weeks during a period when you are ill or exposed to infections and want to ramp up your #immune #system in a hurry. It is comprised of many "hot" #essentialoils that are known to aid infections and really kick up that immunity, BUT for adult use only. #Rollons have #HimalayanSalt to increase the anti-microbial benefits of the product.

To really give these blends a serious boost, we have combined them with 250mg of CBD per 15ml Rollon. That is a high potency of #CBD for 1/2 ounce of product. CBD and many other cannabinoids are said to aid immunity and increase Immune function. With CBD included, these rollons increase your immune boosting power.

We offer Immune Defense with CBD and Himalyan salt in a 15ml Rollon or Immune Boost with Himalayan Salt, no CBD in a 10ml Rollon. We also offer Immune Boost as a concentrated 10ml oil blend great for diffusing in your house.

The Super Boost comes with 250mg of CBD and Celtic Salt in a pre-diluted rollon or Super Boost as a concentrated 10ml oil blend, again good for diffusing. The choice is up to you, but who couldn't use some extra immunity right now?

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