3 Must-Haves That Will Help You Get Through Quarantine

Quarantine....we're all here and we don't know exactly, if ever, things will go back to "#Normal" or what "Normal" will look like in the future. So as we take this #RollerCoaster ride together here's 3 of my favorite #MustHave products that will make life feel brighter, happier, and put a #smile on your face!

#1 on our product list is our beautiful #gemstone #essentialoil blend #Happiness and Positivity with Peridot. This subtle, uplifting blend is sure to put a smile on your face and accomplish exactly what its name implies....a #Cheerful and delightful #mood. Who can't use some #joy right now? Just looking at the glittering, green #Peridot will raise your #vibration level. Our #gemstones are uniquely paired with our essential oil blends to create a harmonious effect. If rollons aren't your thing and you'd like this scent to use in a #diffuser, we have that too, right here. This is Ellen Wood's favorite essential oil blend....and it can be yours too!

#2 is brand new from #VitaJuwel - a Happiness Hand Dispenser! Perfect for dispensing our "new normal" hand sanitizer or hand soap, and beautiful to look at too. It's beauty will remind you to use it and provide a smile each and every time. The combination of gemstones is meant to bring Positivity, Good Luck and Optimism. The gorgeous glass dispenser happily reminds us this is a sustainable product that won't be filling the landfills. This is a very #limited edition so order today! You're worth it!

#3 - For #CBDLovers, our popular Positive Vibes & Peridot with 250mg of CBD. If you use #CBD you know it can enhance your mood and #uplift you. If you're CBD curious, this is a great blend to try. This is the same essential oil blend as our Happiness and Positivity but with the addition of a potent 250mgs of CBD. It is a topical rollon blend so there is little chance of any drug interaction. It smells wonderful, will really make you smile and get you out of the #blues we all seem to be feeling. Give it a try, you'll like it!