The Reason You Need an INU! Today

Let's face it, we all need to drink more water! I'm an esthetician and I see many clients with dehydrated skin, so I am always asking "Do you drink much water throughout the day?" Usually it's a "No", and I'm guilty of that as well, BUT....What if you had a beautiful Bohemian Glass Crystal water bottle to drink from? I bet you'd drink from it too!

1. The first reason you need the unique INU! is because the water just tastes better. Whether you think it's smoother, tastes cleaner, or has less chlorine taste, you will become a fan of the crystal gemstone water bottle. The drinking water in your bottle never touches the crystals but their vibration imparts a change in the structure of the water as seen through a microscope. Regular tap water from a faucet is seen as 90 degree angles under a microscope. Once it sits in the Inu! or VitaJuwel Via for 10 minutes that same water is at 60 degree angles, just as you find in nature.

2. Now you can instantly change the vibration of the crystals in your INU! by changing the gemstones in its unique compartment. That's right, have some of your own stones you'd like to use, go ahead! Want to attract Love, add some pink quartz. Want some health, wellness and healing, add some amethyst. Need some protection from negative energy? Obsidian will do the trick! We offer an assortment of additional stones you can add to your Clear Quartz master healer gems that come with your Inu!.

3. If it's pretty and you think it tastes better, you'll drink more water more often. That's a proven fact! I used to tell my clients to pour water into a fancy wine glass or something they thought was beautiful to encourage them to drink more. Now all you need is an INU! and your possibilities are endless....It comes in White, Grey or Ocean Blue so there is a choice for everyone. At $55 it's a small price to pay for keeping yourself hydrated. Get yours HERE

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