I want to try CBD...I think...

Many of us are faced with that dilemma before we actually try CBD. What will it do? How will I feel? Does it work? Will I feel high? I get asked these question often and I answer them as best I can. But there isn't one standard fits all answer.

The first thing to keep in mind is CBD will not get you high! By its definition it cannot contain any significant amount of THC, the component that causes you to feel "high". It is derived from the Hemp plant, a "cousin" to the marijuana plant. Depending on the strength and the amount you take, you may feel relaxed or you may even feel sleepy.

Does it work is another great question. But first let's start out by HOW it works. CBD is a chemical compound known as Cannabidiol and endogenous CBD is actually produced in the body, making it a familiar substance to humans and animals, much like hormones. The endocannabinoid system (ECS), was first identified in the early 1990's and helps maintain homeostasis (balance) throughout the body. It regulates the central nervous system, temperature, pain, sleep and many others. We have various receptors throughout the body and skin that work like a lock with CBD being the key. This can be naturally derived CBD from the Hemp plant or endogenous CBD produced within the body.

So does it work? First, as I frequently state, there is no one size fits all when it comes to CBD. We don’t know what the most effective dose of CBD for any particular condition is. What works for one person may be more or less than is needed by someone else. Each person may have a different level of endocannabinoids floating in their system so the person with less may need more Hemp derived CBD than a similar person with a similar condition who produces more CBD naturally within their body. There are many unknown factors so we can suggest and then you need to increase or decrease that amount to find what is effective for you.

Sublingual drops you hold under your tongue for at least 15 seconds which allows the CBD to be absorbed by the blood stream. This bypasses the digestive system and works faster than edibles which pass through the stomach and liver. Topicals work with receptors on the skin so the absorption rate is less. Many people start with a dose that is just too low and say "it didn't do anything" or they didn't give the CBD enough time to see any effect. I am 5'2" and of moderate weight. If I take sublingual drops in a dosage of 33 mgs, I feel relaxed and mellow. If I take 200mgs, I'll be asleep within an hour. So I need to judge what I would like the desired effect to be. Some friends who use it for anxiety take sublingual drops, 30 mgs once a day. Other friends use the CBD Roll-ons which are a combination of essential oils, CBD and gemstones, all of which have their own unique vibrations and create a synergy for relieving pain, anxiety, feeling relaxed, relieving headaches or boosting the immune system. Because these are used topically, you can use them multiple times a day since the dosage of CBD per use is much less. For instance, the Bye Bye Pain blend can be used every few hours if needed.

BUT...not all CBD is created equal. It has been found that over 50% of the CBD on the market is mislabeled, usually with less than stated but it could be more than stated on the label. Bottom line, know and trust your source for CBD. Ours is grown and manufactured by my business partners' cousin. I have visited the state-of-the-art ISO compliant Level 6 lab, the products are third party tested, everything is organic, so we know where our CBD comes from and will stand behind our product. Plus, now there is "synthetic CBD" being created in labs, just like they do for synthetic chemicals and fragrances! So buyer beware and trust your source. We do!