Pink Quartz - A sister to Rose Quartz, Pink Quartz brings Discovery, Self-love, Emergence, Dreaminess and Reduces Anxiety

Pink Grapefruit - Reduces Moodiness, Uplifts your Spirits

Patchouli - Mood Harmonizer, Reduces Anxiety

Vanilla - Calming and Comforting


The healing qualities of the gemstones are paired perfectly with our signature essential oil blends, enhancing the effect of essential oils. (Plus they are beautiful and make great gifts!) Take one or two along on your daily journey.

Cloud 9 Gemstone Rollon

  • Cloud 9 + Pink Quartz - Pink Grapefruit, Patchouli and Vanilla in Coconut Oil. 

    You'll feel like you're walking on Cloud 9, in a dreamy state of euphoria. Vanilla comforts and calms, Patchouli balances moodiness and anxiety, Pink Grapefruit takes you to the clouds.  This scent has a sweet, lucious earthiness to it, but you need to be a fan of Patchouli to appreciate this scent.