Quartz - The great enhancer and healer

Neroli - Orange Blossom Uplifts Your Mood

Jasmine - Sweet, Sexy, Intoxicating, Brings Confidence

Rose - Heart Opener

Patchouli- Emotionally Balancing

Cedarwood - Increases Self-Esteem


The healing qualities of the gemstones are paired perfectly with our signature essential oil blends, enhancing the effect of essential oils. (Plus they are beautiful and make great gifts!) Take one or two along on your daily journey.

Goddess Gemstone Rollon

  • Empower The Goddess + Quartz - Neroli, Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli and Cedarwood in Coconut Oil. 

    Bring out your inner Goddess and feel your confidence soar.  Empowering, uplifting and sensual, this fosters everything a confident woman should be.  Its scent is a blend of floral, spice and wood, strong and powerful just like a Goddess.