Our Gemstones can be used with Inu! VitaJuwel bottle or any DIY project you wish. With your INU!, replace or combine with the clear quartz crystals for a custom gemstone waterbottle! Approximately 3oz of gemstones.

INU! - Add Your Own Stones to the Separate Compartment with or without the Clear Quartz Crystals 

Rose Quartz - Pink - Attracts Love, Opens the Heart, Dispels Anger

Lapis - Blue -  Reduces stress, Increases Insight and Intuition 

Amethyst - Purple - Calming, Peace & Stability, Protective and Healing

Obsidian - Black - Protects from Negative Energy, Releases Blockages

Aventurine - Green - Uplifting, Attracts Luck and Prosperity

Carnelian - Orange/Rust/Brown - Energizes, brings Strength, Leadership & Vitality


Gemstone Add-Ons

  • Gemstones each have their own energetic vibrations. You can add these to your clear quartz crystals in your INU! bottle or use them in your own DIY bath salts, spray mists, or other projects.  Gemstones are approx 1/3" to 1/2" in length, total weight is approx 3 ounces.


  • Satisfaction guaranteed or return for a refund or credit.