The latest VitaJuwel bottle - a DIY gemstone waterbottle!


Clear Quartz Crystals Included

Stones DO NOT Touch or Contaminate Your Water

Stones Impart Unique Vibrations and Vitalize Your Water

DIY Add Your Own Stones or Pick from our Gemstone Add-Ons

Engraved Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Symbol in each bottle



VitaJuwel INU! Gem Water Bottle with Quartz

  • Inu! [”ee-noo”, Hawaiian: “to drink”] is the latest VitaJuwel Gem Water bottle.  This DIY creation includes Quartz crystals (considered the "master healer" of crystals), but you can create your own unique combinations by adding any gemstones you like to the separate compartment. Choose from our Gemstone Add-Ons for the perfect addition.


    Gemstones infuse and vitalize your water with energetic vibrations. Looking under a microscope, crystals change the structure of plain tap water from 90 degree angles to 60 degrees in 10 minutes. Inu! features a sacred flower of life symbol engraved inside the chamber for even more positive energy.


    Never worry about contamination or heavy metals from your crystals because they are contained in a completely separate compartment.  The crystal energy passes through the glass, imparting its own unique vibration on your water.  Change crystals and change the energy of your water as often as you like! Bottles are BPA free glass, 16.9 fl.oz, pre-filled with clear quartz.  Choose OCEAN BLUE, LAVA GREY or CLOUD WHITE

  • Satisfaction guaranteed or return for a refund or credit.