Lavender - Helps heal cuts, burns, reduces scars

Frankincense - Heals wounds, burns, reduces scarring, anti-inflammatory

Patchouli - Reduces Scarring, heals cuts

Geranium - Aids regeneration of skin

Helichrysum - Miracle oil for skin, aids regeneration, wound healing and reduces scarring

Ho Wood - Aids healing and regeneration of skin

Sandalwood - Promotes healthy skin, restores youthfulness

Carrot Seed Oil - Anti Inflammatory, aids skin renewal

Vitamin E - heals wounds, minimizes scarring

Pomegranate Oil - Only source of Punicic Acid, contains Omega 6 & Omega 9 - helps with skin rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory, aids sun damaged skin, anti-oxidant, reduces scars and wrinkles


  • This is a must for every first aid kit and medicine cabinet! This blend is great for burns, sunburn, cuts, wounds and scars. Helps heal and regenerate new skin, alleviates the pain of burns or sunburn.  May help  reduce and fade old scars.  NOTE*  if burnt or sunburn, apply a little to area before showering to reduce stinging. Wait for open wouds to begin healing before applying. This is a 15ml size


    May be used in a diffuser or neat (undiluted) on the soles of the feet. For skin application, dilution in a carrier is recommended. Ingestion of essential oils is not recommended. 10ml