Full Spectrum 250mg CBD Oil

Peridot - Cheerfulness, Happiness & Good Vibes

Orange - Cheery

Lavender - Brings a Synergy to the blend

Grapefruit - Lifts Your Spirits

Palmarosa- Love and Forgiveness

Frankincense - Enhances Mood


Positive Vibes to the rescue when you need a little pick me up or are feeling down. Our Positive Vibes Rollon blend pairs perfectly with CBD as CBD is a natural  anti-depressant and works quickly to help reduce anxiety and uplift your spirits. Each 15ml Rollon contains 250mg Full Spectrum CBD.


Adding essential oils (which include naturally occuring terpenes from plants) along with energetic gemstones, we enhance the properties of the CBD.  Say hello to a bright new attitude and roll on some Positive Vibes!  You can use as often as needed.

Positive Vibes CBD 250mg Rollon

  • Good Vibes + Peridot - 250mg Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil in Organic MCT oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Orange, Lavender, Grapefruit, Frankincense and Palmarosa in a 15ml Rollon.

    Roll on back of neck, wrists, chest or soles of feet Avoid eyes.  Use throughout the day, whenrever you need a boost or pick me up to put you in a positive state of mind.  Join the Good Vibes Only movement!