New! Our Re-ChargeBox packs a punch to help you and your wireless charging devices re-boost and recharge.  Great for yourself, or a gift that is different and unusual. a $75+ Value

Re-Charge Box contains:

A wireless charger that looks like a beautiful Agate crystal slice (assorted colors)Charge the crystal pad with the enclosed USB cord, then move it to your desk, office or living room and place your electronic devices that support wireless charging on top.  In minutes your phone or tablet receives a fast charge, 5W/7.5W/10W, even through most standard cases.  Compatible with Apple and Samsung Wireless devices. It is also beautiful to look at when not in use! 

A Nano Mist Sprayer by Abela to use with or without Essential Oils (White).  Re-charge yourself and your skin with a cool, refreshing mist.  Easy to use and convenient to take with you, fill the water tank and add a few drops of essential oil. Slide down on the front and automatically feel the fine, cooling mist hydrating and revitalizing your skin.  Shuts off after 30 seconds, close and open again for an additional 30 second interval. Whenever you need a pick me up during the day, reach for this nano mister and feel instantly recharged.

Waterfall Concentrated Essential Oil blend by Valerie Graham Essentials to recharge, refresh and uplift your mood.  This blend originally was created to aid focus and mental clarity, but it is also great for any skin type, helping balance dry, normal or oily skin.  It really is the perfect choice for our nano mister, but you can also use your favorite scent.


Re-Charge Box

  • If you're in need of an unusual gift for the person that has everything, consider the Re-Charge Box.

    The Wireless Crystal Charging Pad looks great anywhere and is quite a conversation starter.  Everyone will ask you about it.  Just place a wireless charging device on top and get a fast charge right through most cases.  Recharge the device with the enclosed USB cable when it runs low.


    Never worry about dry skin again, summer or winter.  When your face need that hydration boost or you just need a refreshing spritz to energize you, reach for the Nano Spray Mister.  It charges easily with an enclosed USB charger.  Just fill with water using the enclosed bottle, add a few drops of the Waterfall Essential Oil blend and you'll be refreshed and recharged in no time.


    The Waterfall Concentrated Essential Oil blend is a bright, clean scent that will uplift your spirits and balance your skin.  Good for any skin type, it contains Lavender, Geranium, Lemon, Grapefruit and Juniper Berry.  You'll immediately feel recharged, energized and ready to focus after a nano-spritz with your Abela.


  • Satisfaction guaranteed or return for a refund or credit.