Peridot - Cheerfulness, Happiness & Good Vibes

Orange - Cheery

Lavender - Brings a Synergy to the blend

Grapefruit - Lifts Your Spirits

Palmarosa- Love and Forgiveness

Frankincense - Enhances Mood


The healing qualities of the gemstones are paired perfectly with our signature essential oil blends, enhancing the effect of essential oils. (Plus they are beautiful and make great gifts!) Take one or two along on your daily journey.

Smooth Sailing Gemstone Rollon SS

  • Smooth Sailing + Peridot - Orange, Lavender, Grapefruit, Palmarosa and Frankincense in Coconut Oil. 

    When you need some sunshine and Good Vibes, reach for the Happiness! One of our favorite scents, just roll it on and watch your mood change to positive, happy thoughts.


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