Our Sun-Sational Box keeps your skin healthy, hydrated and bug free while you have fun in the sun! Buy one for you and one as a gift, it will certainly be appreciated. This gift has a $75+ Value

Sun-Sational Box contains:

A Solaire Wear Cape (assorted colors, choose your favorite when ordering)Our Cape is more than just an SPF 50+ sun cover up - it's a wardrobe accessory! It goes anywhere, from on the beach, to your yoga class, even out to dinner. Its versatile style can be worn many different ways, so put it on, turn it around, pull it down for an asymetrical skirt, or try it one shoulder as a top. Royal and Fuschia are Poly and Elastane blends like UnderArmour Heat Gear; Black and White are Polyester and Spandex like Nike Dry Fit. The possibilities are endless.


Lemongrass Body Veil Serum by Valerie Graham Essentials. The universally liked scent of Lemongrass helps refresh your mind and body.  Our serum is light, fast absorbing and leaves you glowing with radiance as it revives dry skin.  Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients, everybody will love using this. 


Bug Begonya Concentrated Essential Oil blend by Valerie Graham Essentials.  This is one of our favorite blends for summer.  At some point or another we are all faced with green flies, mosquitoes or no-seeums.  You'll be prepared with your Bug Begonya Insect Repellant.  This little concentrated bottle is enough to make 4 or 5 full sized 4 oz spray bottles of the Insect Repellant. Just mix 70 drops in a clean 4 oz spray bottle (35 drops in a 2 oz spray bottle), you can add a Tablespoon of witch hazel and then fill with distilled water.  Shake well and spray away flying insects. 


Sun-Sational Box

  • This is the gift box everyone adores! 

    The versatile cape comes in Royal, Fuschia, Black or White and can be worn in many different ways, so there is a style for everyone.  One size fits most.


    The Lemongrass Body Veil Serum will keep your skin in tip top shape everyday, especially after a day in the sun.  Organic Pomegranate Powder, Organic Aloe, Organic Alcohol, Organic Pomegranate Oil, Organic Glycerin, Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil and Xanthan Gum make up this lovely face and body serum.  You'll be glowing and smooth as silk.


    The Bug Begonya Concentrated Essential Oil blend has a great scent that keep those flies and mosuitoes in check. Making a bottle of spray is easy, all natural and non-toxic.  It does not contain Deet, but it does contain Cat Nip which has been shown to be as effective as Deet, so spray away but your cats will want to rub on you!


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