Root Chakra - Red - I Am

Sacral Chakra - Orange - I Feel    

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow - I Do

Heart Chakra - Green - I Love

Throat Chakra - Blue - I Speak

3rd Eye Chakra - Indigo - I See

Crown Chakra - Violet - I Understand

These Gemstones Roll~ons are paired with a signature essential oil blend to balance and enhance the intended Chakras. This set includes 4 Roll~Ons, one for The Root Chakra, a roll~on for the Sacral + Solar Plexus Chakras, a roll~on for the Heart + Throat Chakras, and a roll~on for the 3rd Eye + Crown Chakras.  Each comes in a gift bag with a Chakra Affirmation Card. This set makes a great gift for that special someone! A sniff of each goes right to the intended Chakra to open and balance.  Roll them on and you can feel your Chakras responding.

The Seven Chakras 4 Rollon Set

  • The Seven Chakras Set - 4 Rollons that work on all Seven Chakras! $80 Value, Includes Pouch to store your roll~ons.

    Includes a Root Chakra Roll~on, a combination Sacral + Solar Plexus Chakra Roll~on, a combination Heart + Throat  Chakra Roll~on and the last is a 3rd Eye + Crown Chakra Roll~on.  Each roll~on contains a blend of essential oils specifically designed to balance the chosen chakras plus the addition of gemstones to enhance the vibration of the roll~on blend. Simply roll on, inhale and allow the blend to balance and open your chakras.