Lavender - Synergy to enhance properties of other oils

Grapefruit -Decreases fluid retention

Lemon - Detoxifying, Energyzing

Juniper  - Diuretic & Detoxifier 

Geranium - anti-inflammatory, helps with leg swelling and edema

WS True North

  • This is a great blend when you are looking to detoxify or eliminate excess water due to swelling and inflammation. Helpful for sprains to reduce swelling or for feet and ankles after traveling when added to a cool foot bath.  May be used with cool compresses. Has a clean fresh scent so great to diffuse to deodorize a room.


    May be used in a diffuser or neat (undiluted) on the soles of the feet. For skin application, dilution in a carrier is recommended. Ingestion of essential oils is not recommended. 10ml