Citrine - Transmutes Negative Energy, Clears the Mind

Jasper - Tranquility, Wholeness and Peace

Lemon - Adaptogen, will Calm or Energize depending on your need

Lime - Clears the Mind, Brings Mental Energy

Grapefruit - Revives, Uplifts, and Brings Emotional Lightness

Hinoki Japanese Cypress- Brings Calm and Helps Open the Mind

Spruce- Clears Old Emotions, Purifies, Cleanses, Promotes Clarity in the Mind


The healing qualities of the gemstones are paired perfectly with our signature essential oil blends, enhancing the effect of essential oils. (Plus they are beautiful and make great gifts!) Take one or two along on your daily journey.

Zen Gemstone Rollon

  • Zen + Citrine & Jasper - Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Hinoki Cypress, Spruce in Coconut Oil. 

    Zen, when you need to recharge and reset.  In Japanese it is "mushin no shin", meaning "the mind without mind".  A state where your mind is clear and open to everything, not ruled by thoughts and emotions.

    This is a woody scent with top notes of citrus.  It has a detoxifying effect for body and mind, clears emotions, energizes and opens yourself to new possibilities.